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We are Sean and Kim Mclean


Married for 26 years with 3 awesome kids, 1 dog, 1 cat and multiple bussinesses, to say we're busy is a joke, lol. We needed something simple, with high impact, and all natural to help us keep things going and get our happy back.  Now we are happy to be able to offer this amazing coffee to you. 

Why Us?


We LOVE people. And we love to see people be happy and productive.  So for us, this is not about a transaction, it's about YOU.  It's about helping you find what you need to be successful in life. Whatever that is, our desire is to serve you at the highest level possible. 



“Three weeks I've had Magic Coffee in my life. Three weeks i've had more energy, better focus, sharp mental clarity, better sleep, a controlled appetite and my clothes are fitting better! I decided to step on the scale today and i'm down 10 pounds!!!” - Mae D.


“Unexpected day off in the middle of the week. A month ago I would of been sluggish, but mind racing about things not being done on days off…wandering, anxious, nonproductive…. Before 10 am: Dressed kids, made lunches, off to school I’m dressed Picked up Have done two loads of laundry Prepped food for the week Caught up on my clinic notes I might even read for pleasure today! This cup of magic is for real!” - Vanessa B.


“Day 2 on this magical brew. Definitly didn't have the urge to snack like

I normally do. I also noticed that my hips weren't quite as sore. With the weight that I put on this past year my hips hurt every day. It isn't debilitating, just achy, and I didn't have that. Can't wait to see what day 3

and on does for me.” - Christine T.

"Magic's a gamechanger!

I'm not really a Coffee person so I usually have to do all kinds of doctoring to make it drinkable. But not today! Its smooth. Doesn't have a weird smell. Not bitter. Gave me energy when I needed it. Gave me focus and clarity to paint. Thoughts are on point. Feel good. Oh, and its after 6pm and I'm just now thinking about eating. Been a long time since I felt this good! Worth a try for sure! - Kim M.

"Yesterday I received word that one of my Military Brothers passed away in a car accident. This Hero had 12 Tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria as a combat medic. I got the call while on the way to work. I was hit with a wave of despair and my old PTSD ghost started knocking on the door. I was in the middle of my cup of Magic Coffee though, and quickly the feelings of despair, and hopelessness had left me. My thoughts quickly turned into Happy Memories of my Brother. It could have been so different for me yesterday without this amazing product!!! Thank you for bringing this product into my life. Grateful For Heroes. Combat Medics. Those Who Stand For Freedom. Magic Coffee." - Matt

"You know how they say sometimes

"that you have to experience it".

Or that "words can't describe it"?

Yep, that's me trying to tell people how good I feel drinking this coffee.

It reminds me of camping in the mountain forest, pitch black at night, until we

lit it up with our LEDs. Lol.

That how it feels. Like the lights just came back on! Everything is brighter. I'm so much more creative and imaginative.

Life is more fun and I am more forgiving. Praise the Lord!" - Sean M.

We have a Private Facebook Community with thousands of customer testimonials of all kinds. You can use the search bar to look into benifits that interest you. If you'd like an invite, just let us know. 

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